Offering a retirement plan like a 401(k) is among the best ways to help your business attract quality talent. Additionally, other advantages such as tax benefits and owner retirement savings options make retirement plans a smart benefit option.

Setting up retirement plans for small business with Philadelphia Benefits partners can:

  • Jump-start your savings. As a small-business owner, planning for your retirement is entirely up to you. And if you employ others, you'll be helping them get on the right track for retirement too.

  • Help you benefit from tax breaks. All retirement plans offer tax-deferred growth on earnings. As an employer, you also benefit from tax-deductible employer contributions.

  • Give your money a chance to grow. In addition to your plan contributions, the compounding of interestdividends, and capital gains allows your account to generate earnings on top of earnings.

  • Assist you in attracting and retaining employees. Offering a retirement plan to your employees can keep you competitive in the job marketplace and help your business flourish.

Did you know employers can take advantage of an annual tax credit of up to $500 for the first three years of the plan and plan expenses are tax-deductible, along with employer contributions such as a match or profit sharing.

Plan Options

  • 401(k)
  • Simple IRA
  • Investment Only Retirement Account
  • Student Loan Repayment
  • Personal Planning

Who it's for:

Key Advantages:


Easy to set up and maintain 

Wide range of investment choices including mutual funds


Any type of public or private company 


Generally most appropriate for companies with at least 2 or more employees 


Salary deferral plan with less administration 

Electronic funding with customized allocation for all 

Wide range of investment choice

Businesses with 100 or fewer employees and self-employed individuals 


Available to sole proprietors, partnerships, C corporations, S corporations

Simple IRA

Wide range of investment choice 

Businesses that want a full brokerage account for investing plan assets for their retirement plan but do not require other plan services 

Investment        Only

Flexible annual funding requirements 

Wide range of investment choices

Self-employed individual or small business owner, including those with employees 

Available to sole proprietors, partnerships, C corporations, S corporations


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